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Charleston Fishing Charters

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Charleston Fishing Charters

Charleston Fishing Charters Report

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday Season! We certainly had a very warm December. It truly didn’t get cold until after Christmas this year which is quite unusual. With the delay in colder weather, it made for some great fishing trips. While it was fun while it lasted, my favorite time of the year to fish is upon us! Just imagine stalking a school of 50 – 500 Redfish is crystal clear water, making a cast, watching one break from the pack, and then engulf your bait. Those few details make this time of year more rewarding, and my favorite! Call Charleston Fishing Adventures and make a memory with us on your Charleston Fishing Charter!

January Fishing Report

With the passing of the Christmas Season, we can expect to see several different things while fishing this time of year. The primary change will be massive schools of Redfish on shallow flats. With the prolonged warmer weather they’re all a little late coming together right now, but they’re there! Like I mentioned before, these schools can range from 50-500 Redfish in one school. These fish hold shallower flats where the water is warmer. With that being said, when it all comes together, it can create the perfect day of fishing! Beyond the Redfishing, we will also be targeting Sheepshead holding structure inshore. These fish cannot seem to resist a live fiddler crab or fresh oyster dangling in front of their face! For the size of the Sheepshead, they also put up quite a tangle as well. They’re also fairly decent table fare too.

Sightfisherman’s Dream

In reference to the January Fishing Report, I had to hammer one thing. This is the Best and Most productive time for Sightfishing! With “Gin Clear” water, and the Redfish holding shallow, catching one is an easy task to accomplish! Pitching an Artificial or Dancing a Fly in front of one of these schools of fish will be a memory you wont soon forget. Beyond that, this is the time of year to pull the “Buggy Whip” out! You’re chances of catching a Redfish on the Fly are highest at this point in the year.  With several warmer sunny days, it can send these schools of Redfish into feeding frenzies! Book your Charleston Fishing Charter and get in on this great action.

South Carolina Sportsman

Charleston Fishing Adventures is in the Press! After several successful Charleston Fishing Charters with the writers and editors of the South Carolina Sportsman, we have been featured in this January’s edition! Go online or grab a copy, and take an in depth look into what goes into our Winter Fishing. There are also several tips and tricks for catching January Redfish. Whether it be on the flats or around a dock, there are plenty of tactics in that article! You can view that article by clicking here.

Book with us Today

Come get in on some great Fishing of the year with Charleston Fishing Adventures. From first time fisherman to veteran angler, we will make some memories that won’t be soon forgotten. Please view our Fishing Charters Rates here. Our current Seasonal Special is still a 3 hour Charter for 3 people at $300.00. Get off the Internet and Book your Charleston Fishing Charter today! Call me and we will make it happen! 843-478-8216 


Isle of Palms Fishing Charter

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Isle of Palms Fishing Charter


Book your Isle of Palms Fishing Charter Today!

It certainly has been a memorable fall this year. While we have had some crazy weather, and we have also had some great fishing trips! Isle of Palms Fishing Charters will continue to get even better with the coming winter. With that being said, this time of year is my favorite time of the year to live in the South Carolina Lowcountry. The cooling temperatures makes it pleasant to be outside and on the water. The local scenery is beautiful, especially with all of the changing colors. The best part about that is the fish seem to like it too! Call about your Isle of Palms Fishing Charter today.

December Fishing Report

The Redfish have begun to school up in shallower water in good numbers. We’ve been catching them on Live, Dead, and Artificial baits. This makes a great day of Fishing when they’re hungry!  The Trout are eating well and we are catching some grown ones. Many Seatrout have been falling victim to not only live bait, but also DOA Shrimp and Z-Man Elaztech Baits. Black Drum and Sheepshead are also holding structure and tearing up the shrimp and crab. All fish tend to be extremely happy this time of year! With fall dwindling down and winter approaching, we should have some more Stellar Fishing Days!

Gift Certificates Available

Don’t know what to give the fisherman in your family? What better gift to give than an informative fun filled day on the water with Charleston Fishing Adventures! Redeemable any time of the year, it would certainly be a gift that won’t disappoint!

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Come get in on some of the Best Fishing of the year with Charleston Fishing Adventures. Our family friendly charters will be a hoot for whoever steps on board. Please view our Fishing Charters Rates here. Our current


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Inshore Fishing Charter

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Inshore Fishing Charter

Book your Inshore Fishing Charter!

The Fall Fishing grows stronger and stronger everyday now that were getting this unseasonable weather out of the way! This past weekend I had the privilege of fishing inshore with Peter and his father. We left the Isle of Palms Marina early Saturday morning and caught quite a few Redfish. Our largest was 9lbs, with the majority of the rest also being above the slot. We caught some on Spinning Tackle while the water was up, then we transitioned to the Fly Rod when the tide dropped out. Peter is hooked after Sightfishing huge schools of Redfish in skinny water! We are certainly approaching the best time of year for that style of fishing too.

Thanksgiving Week is here

The fishing is only getting better from here and Thanksgiving Week is next week. I’ve got several open days next week and would love to make a memory with you. We have some of the best rates in Charleston, check out our rates here. Give me a call and ask about our Isle of Palms Fishing Charters, and I will show you what it is all about! 843-478-8216.