The South Carolina Lowcountry Boasts one of the best "Year Round" Fisheries in the World. 

Charleston, SC and its unique ecosystems host world renown fishing!  No matter what time of year, we at Charleston Fishing Adventures can always bend rod! Our primary year round target is Redfish, scientific name being Red Drum. Redfish are our resident fish and are extremely hardy. With that being said, they are the Lowcountry's Best Inshore Gamefish and rarely does their fight disappoint!

Beyond Redfish our other primary targets would be Speckled Seatrout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Tarpon, and Tripletail. Book with Charleston Fishing Adventures and we will show you what it is all about!


Great Fishing Everywhere!


The warmer weather brings the largest variety of species into the Lowcountry. The Inshore fishing mainly consists of Redfish, Speckled Seatrout, and Flounder. With that being said it is also common to catch Ladyfish, Bluefish, and the occasional shark. Sight Fishing around lower water is very productive, and casting floats around the grass at higher water is too!

We also offer several "Tailing Redfish" Trips this time of year. These fish go into the grass on the higher tides and feed on fiddler crabs. We will be able to sight fish these fish based on their tails coming out of the water.


It is common to find an abundance of fish off of the beaches and on Wrecks/Reefs. The Larger Bull Redfish are slightly off the coast and around the harbor. Spadefish, Cobia, and Spanish Mackerel abound the nearshore reefs. Around late July we begin to see Tarpon showing up in the Harbor, Bays, and Inlets. These “Silver Kings” are not the most common species, but certainly are one of the most rewarding!  


Fall is the Best Fishing in the Lowcountry.


The Redfish begin to school up and hold shallower water. The abundance of bait and cooler water temperatures can make for a stellar day. This time of year offers an abundance of Sight Fishing and Fly Fishing opportunities for both Trout and Redfish.  At this point the Flounder begin to push offshore, that can make some productive at structure around inlets and off the beach as well.


The "Bull" Redfish bite prime time! They are spawning and beginning to transition offshore. The Reef/Wreck bite is loaded with smaller fish as well as the occasional Bull Red, Flounder, Shark, Trout, and Spanish Mackerel.


Calling all Sight Fishermen!


Our primary target is Redfish. These fish gather in massive schools in shallow water. It is common to find them ranging from 50 to 200 fish. The water becomes almost “gin clear” which is a sight fishing dream!

Trout are still around feeding slowly in deeper water. With some smaller Sheepshead holding structure in the early winter months.


Around March the larger Sheepshead begin to gather at the Reefs/Wrecks and spawn. There can also be massive pods of Bull Redfish on the surface too.


This is the Transitional Period.


At this point in the year, fish begin to transition from cooler shallow waters to summer patterns. Redfish break schools and begin thinning out. The Specked Seatrout move in around late April/May to spawn. This is the best time of year to fish for larger trout. The Flounder will come in and feed as the water warms and smaller finger mullet arrive. 


Everything begins to come inshore and the Wreck/Reef Fishing begins to light up. The Sheepshead bite should still be steady, with Cobia, Spadefish, Sharks, and Spanish Mackerel beginning to show up. The Bull Redfish move into the Jetties and Harbor with the warming water.


Please schedule a call to discuss seasons, temperatures, and desired catch. Each trip will be tailored to the customers specifications and wishes.

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